Thank you very much to the enterprises, groups and individuals who are making our project possible!





This cycling journey to visit street children and develop music theater performances is dependent on material donations.

In early 2010 we received good materials for bikes from XXL Dresden and for camping from Wechsel Tents (see our Sponsors) However, after some 8000km on the road and even more on trains and the roof-rack of buses in serpentine mountain passes, our materials need some renewing. Furthermore, our travel visas and transportation costs are currently covered entirely by dwindling personal savings.

For instance, we need new, strong bike parts, and some waterproof bike bags and clothing. We would like to be able to leave a small amount of clown noses, balloons, musical instruments and similar circus equipment with the participants of our workshops.

We also wish that we could reimburse the projects that we visit for our food and housing. We are often asked by orphanages if we can donate money, but we can currently only donate our time and skills. Our time is frequently limited, because if we do not play often enough on the streets, we must rely on savings to buy food and cover the cost of trains through the vast mountains of Southeast Asia and Central Europe.

In the past year on the road, we have drawn on personal resources to invest in several items:
- a cello
- make-up and costumes
- bamboo stilts
- 9 crazy bicycles
- laptop computer repairs
- innumerable bike repairs (read The Challenge)

If you would like to sponsor us, please write to us.

If you wish, we will can carry your name or logo on our website, bikes and print material. As a non-profit organisation, Jonglirium e.V., we can provide receipts for tax-deductible donations.

Please take a moment to read our Concept 2011. (PDF)