Broken Zirkus Orchestra
2wheels4change Tour

live recordings
from Germany to Mongolia & some afterwards to Turkey … ;)
March 2010 – March 2011


Turkey (January – March 2011)
The good thing about the winter
written by Verbena (Akkordeon) & Richard (Ukulele), and performed with Tobi (Tuba)


Kraków, Poland (April)
* Pecnya Drusya "The Friends Song"
from the Bremenski Muzikanti video
* Worms
an American children’s song

Svetlovodsk, Ukraine (June)
* Gente Impresentable
from the Spanish band Celtas Cortas

Vyesyelo-Voznyesyenovka, Russia (July)
* Kartonoe Palto "Cardboard Jacket"
a Russian folk song
* the night show
an original improvisation


Ulan Ude, Russia (August)
* Polizei Sketch with The Happy Nigun & Odessa Bulgar
traditional klezmer songs
* Razboiniki "Robbers"
from the Bremenski Muzikanti video