Let’s talk about climate change — or about changing our climate:

the air we breathe, the water we drink, the food we eat.
How healthy do we want to live?
What are we willing to change in our environment?

Try cycling -
Try cycling to work, to school, to the market.

There are bikes for heavy loads and
bikes for speedy deliveries,
bikes for people who can‘t balance and
bikes for people with no legs.

There are bikes with electric motors and
bikes with plexiglas coverings.
There are bikes for 8000 Euros but there are easy ways to
Do It Yourself.

Cycling long distances will become normal.

Solar power, dynamo power, wind power
all the electric comforts of home can go on the road.

Sing about it!

Grab a bike, skateboard, solar car or walking stick and hit the streets.