>> get to Vietnam before the bRokEn ZiRkuS breaks again

Never mind the short-lived electronic stuff, the ripped bags from bikes falling over, the many cracked sunglasses, or the cheap plastic chairs at roadside cafés — how many other things can go wrong in one month? Let us count:

1) tyle’s axel ground itself into dust, which necessitated a new crank . . .

2) then the new crank lost its grip, and so did it’s replacement — Chinese material strikes again! … and it destroyed our English key on some sun-scorched mountain road

3) tyle’s back rack was repeatedly mended with wire and very convincing bamboo, until the side gave out, too

4) Bruno’s bike has a tendancy to do strange things now and then

5) we even broke the new road, before breaking both of the welded kick-stands

Things we forgot to photograph in the heat of the moment:

* an appearently newly-cemented milestone was loose as tyle leaned on it, toppling his bike off the road. it does a nice roll and lands on its head without breaking anything.

* the cargo bike’s front 20″ fork broke at the attachments to the wheel (while riding) — it felt like a flat tire until the front of the bike dropped 10cm and the whole bike fell to the right.

* after the rack and before the fork: the cargo-bike’s breaks having been getting rather hot on all of these downhills in the 40° heat, slowly melting the Marathon Plus tire’s thinner side-lining.
KaBam! Slide, skid, rip. 5 hours on another hillside . . .