March-April 2011
China to Vietnam

Passport? passport!

Uuups…it’s away. And now? i had to make a new one. Traveling alone through big China and running from office to office to find out that i need this and that paper and from this other one a copy is not enough, even if the original is still in the last city with the last office didn‘t sound like a lot of fun. Wuhan, Chengdu, Kunming, Jianshui, Hekou and Lao Cai in Vietnam, in the end there were a lot of places i went, even though i thought in the beginning it might only take a few days…
Traveling by train and bus…it felt almost like a normal tourist, almost.

Waiting for the diffrent offices to finish their step of what was to do i was also having some fun. I visited a violinmaker who was even without language able to explain me, what he was doing. I also tried to figure out how could biuld best the firepole i was making. Feeling a bit stuck in the big city went out to a mountain (westmountain in kunming). It turned out to be quite touristy, so i took instedt of the main raod (where busses where offering me every 100 meter to take me up to the top) a path through the forest. People were telling me it lead up to the top. But there was not only one path and after a few houses selling drinks on the way i didn‘t meet people anymore. A few graves with still a bit of trash left from the springfestival… Since there were no signs i decided to just go up. the trash on the side of the path got less and less. Finally i found some houses, build of stone of diffrent seizes and earth. No road for a car or even a motorcicle. The people up there were farmer, the father was sleeping in the shaddow of the house and the woman was working on the field. Some chicken running around. I never saw the top of the mountain but don‘t regrett it.

The shows i was making were very diffrent, only my guitar, me and sometimes my jugglingballs. It was much harder to gather an audiance and it’s simply more fun to make music together.

I was also visiting a primary school to give an akkrobatic workshop. It turned out to be rather difficult alone to watch and help all the children so it was rather messy. And still the children learned some things about their body, conzentrationand simply nice figueres to show, had fun doing it and had a braek from their extreme exam-oriented lessons. If the school sends me some fotos you‘ll get to see them.

Beeing more in the cities i saw many of those „myself clinics“ (and how they are all called), places where you can get a surgery to make your eyes more open or your nose longer. Inside everyhting was pink and whiteand full of posters of european faces. Like almost every advertisement in the street was using european (or american) people. Even though it made me feel uncomfortable it made sense to me, that so much more people than everywhere else were telling me i was beautiful. It was rather deppressing that most of the people who told me so didn‘t speak english good enough to understand when i tried to explain them how sick it is to let them change your body, to even think you are not beautiful because you are not like the media is telling you.

After one month i had a new passport and new visas for china and vietnam, so i left Kunming, taking a bus to jiangshui, where my tallbike was pasiontly was waiting for me. Happy to not have to take the citybusses any more (which don‘t have a plan, where to change so i got lost many times) i was looking for a place to sleep. Before i was staying a couchsurfing placeses now i had to ask directy and finally got a place to sleep in a doorway. Not very comfortable and all the time people room to watch TV (the main free time occupation here, it seems to me). The next morning i took a bus to the bordercity Hekou. Arriving at the busstation i saw that the bus had no rack on the roof. And now? The driver didn‘t make it to a big deal, let me disassembel the wheels and put it in the middleway of the seats! All the passengers in the last seats had to climb over it but not one complained. I crossed the border (with a few problems again) and found out, that there was no bus to Son La for that day, where i was supposed to meet the others. This time the first family i asked offered me a dubble bed with mosqito net, food, shower…only me hair they didn‘t like and offered to cut several times. The next day i took the bus seeing amazing landscapes which made me even more happy to ride soon a bike outside the cities. And then the bus stopped and tyle and Bruno with their mount of stuff took the same bus. After over a month with only a short visit for buying the cello we are together again!