tyle fernández

Born into an American family in 1978, tyle has traveled his entire life, living in many different places, including northern Japan, the Berlin and Rhein-Main areas of Germany, the American Appalachian Mountain area of Ohio, and for quite some time, everywhere in Europe and Asia in which he parks his bicycle.

Although having mostly positive experiences from his formal, western high school and university education, he realises the negative effects that traditional schools have on many people. He promotes alternative ways of learning, namely allowing children and people of all ages to choose what they want to learn, and when they want to learn it.

tyle uses his diverse experiences to give workshops and performances:
He has worked as an after-school helper for Turkish-German youth in two programs in Germany, lead German Pfadfinder and American Scout groups, and participated in interactive theater outreach programs to schools around topics of sexuality, interracial integration, and Native American rights.
His efforts to prevent environmental destruction includes working with Greenpeace, Robin Wood, and several regional initiatives, as well as instructing climbing courses for working in trees and buildings.
He has helped groups in Germany, Poland, Ukraine, Japan and China to find their inner clown for political and personal expression.
He has also worked as a photographer, website designer, filmer and editor of documentary videos and DVDs, silk-screen and button artist, and bicycle designer/mechanic.
His musical background began in the 6th grade with the clarinet and has continued to include the guitar, trombone, drums, accordeon and mouth harp in bands such as the IKS Swing Kids & Gospel Choir, friendly fire frankfurt main, the Iso Herquist Band, Las BananArquistas, and currently the bRokEn ZiRkuS orkestra, which became the moNkey bAnd.
Through 6 years of creating outdoor theater spectacles with antagon theaterAKTion, he learned a great deal about collective decision-making in an ensemble of 10-25 people living and working full-time together. There he learned physical theater, interpretative dance, building and performing on stilts, and event-organising, through practical experience.

with orphans in Pavlovo – Uzhhorod, Ukraine, 2008

Stilt Performance Workshop – Frankfurt am Main, 2009