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Who are we?

2wheels4change began in the spring of 2009, when tyle met Felix at the TransYapit Festival in Istanbul. tyle was searching for musicians for a bicycle band, and Felix wanted to travel by bicycle to Mongolia to visit his friend who was studying there. The project formed around their interests in working with children, making music performances on the street and building crazy bicycles.

In March 2010, two tandems, one tallbike and one recumbant had been painstakingly welded together in frozen winter workshops. Some sponsors had given materials and donations (like 700 liters of soy milk for a chai bar at our soli-events!), and the original crew of 6 artists, musicians, students and life-learners set off from Dresden, Germany, headed for Mongolia. We were a group of young people, some of us having worked for several years intensively with theater, music, acrobatics and various circus disciplines. We had gathered experience working with children and youth who live in difficult situations and wanted to share our skills through this project.

Over the following 6 months, the group grew with each person we met along the way, until we were 17 people in Rostov. Then we split: some cycled through Russia while the rest continued by train to Mongolia. In September 2010, most people returned home, and a smaller group traveled all over Asia for another year. They performed as the moNkey bAnd and continued the 2wheels4change workshops in schools and orphanages.

This winter the group is dispersed throughout Germany and France, looking for more musicians and performers. We‘ll re-start in March 2012 and cycle through eastern and southern Europe. Contact us if you want to meet!

More information about the project is below and in our
Concept 2011 (PDF).

Over 54 people from over 21 countries have cycled with us.

Our portraits are below — click on the highlighted names to read about some of the people who hopped on a bike at a moment’s notice.


tyle (USA/D)
Felix (D/USA)

Tobi (D)

Karin (D)
Thimo (D)
Jule (D)
Pi (D)
Wolf (D)
Stefano (IT)
Jakob (D)
Anja (D/PL)
Friedrich (D)
Despina (GR)
Kat (UK/GR)
Frannie (D/MEX)
Richard (UK)
Manuel (ES)
Bruno (F)
Annaelle (F)
Oli (UA)
Yuri (UA)
Olaf (D)
Jeremias (D)
Lena (RU/D)
Louisa (D)
Verbena (D)
Markus (D)
Ballak (D)
Flo (D)
Simi (D)
Liliya (RU)
Yael (IL/F)
Sara (F)
Froit (NL)
Jassi (D)
Yama (J)
Ceki (China)
Crystal (China)
MaiDian (China)
Anne (D)
Ariuna (Burjatien)
Daniel (D)
Eri (Romania)
Ethan (USA)
Hannes (D)
Juri (Kirgistan)
Katja (Kirgistan)
Laura (Finnland)
Miriam (D)
Mutlu (Turkey)
Saleh (Persia)
Viki (D)
Vlada (Ukraine)

Supporters in Jonglirium e.V.

Konstantin (D)
Sandra (D)
Jim (D)
Julia (D)

The journey is the destination!

Every person is unique! Every person has certain talents!
This journey is a means of sharing creative skills with one other.

we started with 6 people from dresden …

and grew…
and grew…
and no … we couldn‘t resist when we where 13 …
The Group before we split towards the South of Russia and Mongolia

Two new Faces in the big group… and six people (Yuri is not on the Picture but you‘ll find him under „Riders“) off to the South of Russia
The Group in Mongolia – Finally

The 4 people who traveled through China, later only 3 in Vietnam, Laos, China again! and Kazakhstan / Kyrgyzstan

Our original documents are also available for reference:
* Partner Letter 2010: Russian
* Sponsoring Letter 2010: English / German

More information about the project is in our
Concept 2011 (PDF)