open workshop for physical street theater

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September 23-25, 2011
OBRAZ art studio
: Ul. Dostyk 276 / Ul. Mitin
Almaty, Kazakhstan

Friday 19:00-21:00
** Saturday 14:00-18:00
** Sunday 14:00-17:00, Arbat: 19:00-20:00

We begin on Friday evening with games to warm us up physically, mentally and emotionally for an intensive 3-day experience. On Saturday, we continue for around 6 hours with a lunch break, using our bodies to express political and personal topics — through elements of pantomime, butoh dance and rebel clowning — „Run away from the circus!“ On Sunday we will work mostly with stage presence and each participant’s own topics. In the evening, those who want to present their works-in-progress will put on makeup and perform short scenes or living installations together in a public place: Arbat.

This workshop is a space for artists who wish to explore different aspects of theater that uses no dialogue, as well as for musicians who wish to improve their jestures, movement and contact to the audience, or to add short skits to their performances. People who are completely new to theater may also find inspiration to continue working theatrically.

Participants who are experienced in different types of theater may show the rest of us a thing or two — we have been teaching theater for many years and are happy to get new ideas, techniques and inspiration!

** OBRAZ suggests a donation of 1000 Tenge or more for the workshop. However, we do not want to exclude anyone from participating, so you may pay less and find another way to help us keep this open theater project rolling.

Participants should wear comfortable clothing that can get dirty. Bring any props, costumes or music instruments that you want to work with.