Kazakh orphanage

In Almaty, there is a boarding school for teenagers who have had difficult lives.
Some are orphans, while others are not allowed to live with their families. The DARA Foundation invited us to show these kids juggling, acrobatics and theater. After 5 exhausting mornings in this locked building, the kids finally gathered together on the day of the performance and held the attention of a handful of relatives and teachers who came to watch the show.

The performance included one 15 year old on our bamboo stilts. He and several other kids showed so much enthusiasm that we built a pair of wooden stilts for them and left instructions for building more — that was, in fact, quite an adventure:
We went to the market and asked around if anyone would donate material for stilts for the kids. One person who spoke English said, „Sure, даваи! (Let’s go!)“ And so, straps, wood, screws, and even knee pads were donated by different people. A car mechanic cut the tyres for the bottom and even did a lot of the wood work himself. We wanted to build the stilts together with the kids, but they‘re not allowed to leave the school . . .