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Wuhan! Woohoo!

(information in Chinese):
* 舱单 2011
(PDF) (Concept 2011 in English)

Four weeks on the road since Shanghai . . . the alternative community in Wuhan has already swept us off our feet:

The one-year old bar Folkhand has offered to let us do

2 performances

Friday, March 4, 9pm
Saturday, March 12, 9pm

We tried getting old broken rusty bikes from the university, but the police kindly suggested we get permission… No problem, said some students, who are helping us out.

Bike workshop

-- build your own crazy bike with our help!
Saturday/Sunday, March 5/6, 10am-6pm
Dongtou Village #3, near the Botanical Gardens


Theater Workshop

Saturday/Sunday, March 12/13, 10am-6pm
Dongtou Village #3, near the Botanical Gardens,
we will walk to an abandoned min-golf park and help people create their own short performances about topics that are important to them

Because we want to know why there is so much plastic trash on the roads and littering the fields of vegetables, we want to start an open discussion about environmental protection and brainstorm ways to help people here in China reduce, reuse and recycle. So we are doing a

video and discussion

The Story of Stuff

Saturday, March 19, 3pm
Dongtou Village #3, near the Botanical Gardens

Finally, we‘ll do a last

Performance & Photos

from 12 months of traveling by bicycle
Sunday, March 20, 3pm
Dongtou Village #3, near the Botanical Gardens


Just a short update for anyone in Berlin eager to participate in experimental BikeBuilding…
We have a workshop & tools ready for new whacky ideas…

Finished Projects so far: The Cargobike witch synchronized front V-Brakes

Our Recumbent with hybrid gearing -18 Gears alltogether- and Underseat Steering