Archiv für Februar 2011

Let’s get inspired!

Our theater workshop in Shanghai gave members of the Grass Stage some new performance ideas. Afterward, the broKen ZirKus entertained in a broken building, part of a district for artists, which is threatened to be demolished soon.

Shanghai itself appears to be a maze of old and new archetecture piled on top of each other. After couchsurfing for a few days, we camped in the grass between two apartment blocks, thanks to the welder who fixed our bikes for free and gave us his work space.

Our first week on the road to Wuhan, we have been taking time to perform in cities and for the people who invite us to eat dumplings, duck eggs and bamboo in the countryside.

We found some other funky alternative ways to travel, like a truck with an open tractor engine. But we are still the most attractive for a lot of teenagers . . . Even when we crash a funeral and play with the Chinese musicians.

Directly from the quiet, clean, polite Japan, to the noisy, dirty, rude China — a sign that the worldwide capitalism doesn‘t bulldoze all differences between regions. However, a few things remain, such as over-packaging produce, polluting waters with sludge, and mixing all kinds of trash, even in the Jinjia Ecological Village. Interestingly enough, every free piece of land is used to plant vegetables.