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Over the Winter we‘ve laboriously furnished our Workshop with junk from the street and tools from flee-markets and ebay…. and now there are two bikes (allmost) ready to hit the streets!

The cargo-bike is receiving its paint job right now (the same paint by the way that was used last winter for the Tandem) and has successfully been test driven!

And I‘ve been working like crazy yesterday to get the recumbent done so that I can have a first drive with it.
Seems ok… did some seat adjustments since then – and the pedals might be a little to high … but we ll see … I ll do a little more test driving befor I hack it appart again

Hopefully one or better all of these bikes will join our Tour this summer…

moving a mountain in china

our Yama-san from Tokyo has embarked upon his historic first journey outside of Japan, with a tenor saxophone on a tallbike:

Culture Station Shanghai

culture station

We are giving a theater workshop, a photo presentation of our journey, and a concert in Shanghai:

Cycling (for) the Planet Presentation
Date: 7:30pm, Jan.25, 2011
Address: AroundSpace (202, Bldg 9,696 Wei Hai Rd., Shanghai, near by Shan XI Bei Rd.)
Translator: Zhang Gangxia

Communication through Theater Workshop
Date: 2:30-5:30pm, Jan.25, 2011
Address: Down Stream (3F, 100, 200 Long Cao Rd., Shanghai, near by Long Wu Rd.

The workshop will be an introduction to clowning and theater improvisation. We will focus on games that build spontaneity, creativity and group awareness. These skills can be used to create short performances.

For information in Chinese visit the Culture Station website.

Broken Zirkus Orchestra
2wheels4change Tour

live recordings
from Germany to Mongolia & some afterwards to Turkey … ;)
March 2010 -March 2011

Turkey (January – March)
The good thing about the winter
(By Verbena – Akkordeon & Richard – Ukulele as well as Tobi on the Tuba)

Kraków, Poland (April)
* Pecnya Drusya "The Friends Song"
(from the Bremenski Muzikanti video)
* Worms
(American children’s song)

Svetlovodsk, Ukraine (June)
* Gente Impresentable
(from the Spanish band Celtas Cortas)

Vyesyelo-Voznyesyenovka, Russia (July)
* Kartonoe Palto "Cardboard Jacket"
(Russian folk song)
* the night show
(original improvisation)

Ulan Ude, Russia (August)
* Polizei Sketch with The Happy Nigun & Odessa Bulgar
(traditional klezmer songs)
* Razboiniki "Robbers"
(from the Bremenski Muzikanti video)