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A German summary of the Projekt is now online:
Part One: Berlin – Kiev
Part Two: Kiev – Ulan Bator

the journey continues

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We wish all the participants of the first part of the 2wheels4change project a good start in their studies and the rest of their lives back home. For us 4, the journey continues in the Far East . . .

It was great to live and work with over 30 people who traveled with us by bicycle for part or all of the 6-month trip with bicycles, trains and hitch-hiking through Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia and Mongolia, as well as the many people who performed with us — like Yael from Israel, who played the flute with us in Ulaanbaatar, and Sara, a singer from France, who traveled with us through China.

Thank you to all of our friends, parents and other supporters, without whom it would have been more difficult to help people in 6 orphanages, 2 schools, one theater festival, and so many more people we met on the road.

Two of our three self-made bicycles made it all the way to Ulaanbaatar. After everyone returned to Germany and the Ukraine, we were left with 7 bikes sell, improve or recycle . . .

Tobi’s Tuba-Tallbike has become
Bruno’s Drum-Guitar-Tallbike and received a few new welded supports, as well as a huge red flag (a gift from a Chinese construction company).

tyle transformed Simi’s bike into the new Yak Mobile 3000. The sport-bike received a luggage rack welded directly onto the frame, a handle-bar-extension, and the super strong back wheel from XXL to hold the weight of the trailor from the old tandem.

Ballak added a front rack to Jeremias‘ bike and packed it to the brim.

And what happened to Bruno’s and Ola’s old bikes . . . ?
1 welder which was causing short-circuits with its broken cable
+ 3 hours with Froit and his tools
+ 10 hours of testing and breaking things
= voila, Madame:


. . . the goat heads ready for roasting over a fire on the street corner were not part of the plan, but the smell was, nonetheless, quite extraordinary . . .

The long dusty highway

through the Chinese part of the Gobi Desert is known as Inner Mongolia. It’s more like a warm prairie with windy nights that aren‘t too cold in October.

Concerned that our 30-day visas would not allow us to cycle the whole way to the port city of Tianjin, from where we are taking a ship to Japan, we spent 2 days trying to hitch-hike on the trucks that were passing us 24 hours a day. However, we only ended up paying a lot to travel 100km.

We rehearsed music every day before riding and learned to cook good local cuisine in roadside shops. Our campsites varied from next to a construction site where a Catepiller was eating the hill, to a square in the middle of town.

The 20-ton trucks on the only road to Tianjin honk their horns twice to overtake us and 6 more times because they like us. The road is being expanded to a 6-lane highway, and gas stations are being built everywhere — one time there were 6 within 500 meters of each other.
We counted 120 trucks in one hour passing us loaded with coal and another 120 empty trucks going the other direction. That makes around 50,000 tons of coal per day, powering the production of plastic which holds China together. tyle started counting soup packages on the side of the road, but after some 350 in 30 minutes, he lost count. We didn‘t tolerate the dust, rain and horns very long . . . we paid a truck to take our bikes and two people to Tianjin and the rest of us took the bus. China has been expensive for us >>

However, we‘re doing well with shows in Tianjin, where we have been staying with a family we found through couchsurfing. In the fancy walking district, there’s one police officer who tries his best to get rid of us, but the audiences like us and toss bills to our clown SeƱor Clappalott, even after the cops have closed our box.

We have tickets to Kobe on October 25. Until then we‘re working on new songs in some forest near Tianjin.
See you in Japan!

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