shamans, street children & snow

While tyle was teaching a 400-year-old spirit in the body of a 19-year-old shaman how to play a Vietnamese mouthharp at a shaman ritual, Jakob began some serious street work —

Now we are diligently seeking out children who live on the streets of Ulaanbaatar and showing them how to make money on the streets by playing with self-made juggling balls and devil-sticks. With the help of Sunny, our translator, we have been able to meet many children, eat with them, show them some tricks, and earn money with them and for them. We hope they will continue to use their skills after we leave.

Currently we are also persuing a collaboration with the worldwide NGO Save the Children.

We also visited the Lotus Children Centre, performing for the orphans who live there and playing „chaos circus“ with them for about an hour.

Our shows are paying for our food but not for our visas or new winter clothing (it’s supposed to snow this week) . . . if you would like to support our further efforts to help street children, please consider a donation.