Mongolia to Ulaan Baatar

We‘re in Ulaan-Baatar! We spent almost a week cycling from Naushki through Sukbatar (where we squated the city sign), Darkhaan (where we did a show) and on into the capitol. We had some really nice experiences with the local people, got invited for Mongolian food and milk-tea in one of the many yurts and met horse riders with their huge herds of sheep, horses or goats.

Unfortunately nearly everyone of us got a bit sick again, so not all could ride bikes all the time and the group shrinked from 11 to – in the end – 2 people who were bravely still riding the tandem up and down the hills. The rest either stayed in a place to regenerate or hitch-hiked on the last day before we met again.

Right then the tandem broke, 30km before the city, which is where we wanted to meet everyone from hitch-hiking anyway. Immediately we met two construction workers who could weld (“gagnuur” in Mongolian and “svarka” in Russian – a very useful word for us). We carried the tandem to a yurt in which wires protruded out of the ceiling. The workers in hardhats attached the bare wires individually to electrical sockets – the lights dimmed as the welding machine powered up. They got the reclining seat back on and fixed the steering, though, while other workers cooked over the stove in the middle and we ate together in the yurt.

Then our group rode all together into that huge city, Ulaan-Baatar. Luckily we met Froit from Euro Yurts, who builds and sells yurts. He put up a brand new “ger” (Mongolian for “yurt”) for us in his yard.

On the first day in Ulaanbaatar, we started to play twice in nearly empty squares, but both times many people gathered and we could see happy faces and children who wanted to try out and learn stuff from us.

Flo and Simi left for Germany. Another five of us will leave on September 16. Until then there’s still time to work with street kids and make shows . . . let’s see.