We‘re in Russia!

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Just before leaving the Ukraine, the group was camping in Sedova, a tourist town with muddy but relaxing beaches. In a Mad-Max-race to join the group, Felix, Lena, Louisa and Jeremias hauled their bikes in slow trains 5 days from Berlin to southeastern Ukraine. We were concerned about our passports that had been at the Russian embassy, so Jakob and tyle took the bus up to Ucilvataya/Donetsk, camped with the group from Berlin, stashed the passports that they had been carrying, and rushed back to the main group.

The small group continued on with trains and bikes a round-about way of getting to the border.

In the same time, the group from the Krim split up — Wolf and Pi returned to Germany, and Thimo returned to the group in Sedova.

The boarder crossing at night was short and sweet. Even though we were missing an immigration card from the Ukraine and the boarder police wanted us to pay a large amount of money, after talking with them for ten minutes, we could leave without paying a fine. Boring!

We all met up again in Vjesjelo-Voznjesjenovka, the first Russian town on the main road toward Rostov. There we unexpectedly stayed 4 days, becoming more involved in the local culture. We played several shows, were invited to stay at the Kozaki House (the Kozakis were dissidant partisans during the USSR), and we began give workshops for the many kids who hung around our camp . . . until the police came and told us to leave the border area.

Now from Togonrog, Juri, from Ukraine and living in Russia, has joined us and will ride with us until Rostov.