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Street Musician Documentary

Alyona came up with this short insight on streetmusic in and outside Ukraine. It’s in english / russian.

some new group pictures

There are some (NEW!!!) group pictures online as well as a gallery (WOW!!!)

3 weeks 4 Kiev

Nearly 4 weeks Kiev, what a time. When we arrived at Fathers House Foundation in Petrivske, our group had grown suddenly from 13 to 17 people. The camera team gave us a warm welcome, brought a lost sheep back (Friedrich) and did what a film crew does: filming.

During the next week we offered awide variety of workshops for the kids, like poi, acrobatics, clowning, partner dancing, robot dancing and bicycle-repairs.

workshops at Otchi Dim

Although the workshops were attended unregularly by hords of kids, the performance we did together at the end of the week for neighbours was a great success. The director smiled like a child in a sweets shop and it was clear that we had to stay for a week longer. In this time we continued our workshops with the children, built poi with them and had time to get to know the kids and their foster family parents even better.

playground opening

During the time in between giving workshops, we would ride the bus into Kiev and perform on the streets. We met lots of amazing people who offered us places to stay, cooked for us and played music with us. For example, the great improvised show together with Sergej and his wonderful drunk Top Orchestra, from whom we learned a lot. Or Marian and Olga who made potatoes for 17 people in the middle of the night.
We tried riding our bikes into town for the shows, which took a chaotic 35,000 hours or so. That resulted with us continueing to take the public bus the rest of the time… Quite anoying when needed to squeeze a tuba, drums and the rest of the equipment for our shows onto a tiny little bus.

street shows in Kiev

So many things have happened since we last wrote. We celebrated Verbena’s birthday, giving us the chance to play games for ourselves and filling our faces with a delicious monster of a meal! We said farewell to Jula and Anaelle with a wonderful night show, and they headed back to Germany. „Thanks for sharing this month with us and thanks for being you!“

A few days later was the next good-bye. Frannie, Kat, Despina (the film crew) and Friedrich took their train back. Although they didn‘t really want to leave us. Suddenly and sadly, Felix had to pack his bike on his back and head to Berlin for personal reasons. It was a sad day… „But we‘ll meet again, don‘t know where … don‘t know when, but i know we‘ll meet again, some sunny day…!“ Most wish to return to us again — let’s hope sooner than later.

After two final workshop days, we had the final show in Kiev with the kids from Fathers House. Because of the very friendly police we had to interupt our show and move two times. (but we kept the instrements playing and the poi’s a’spinnin and dragged our stuff to another place) Which resulted in a big crowd following us. Everybody involved had alot of fun on this day.

the kids‘ big street show

In one of our night performances we also met Darija and Maxim, who are involved in alot of theatre and art festivals. They organise the Festival Zix-Zix-One in Kiev. They invited us to an Island in the middle of the Dnieper (the river flowing through Kiev) To have an arts exchange gathering with our and their friends. Maxim brought us to the lovely island with his little boat, which looked as if a batalion of paint-ballers had opened fire upon it. We gave a clown workshops for adults in the days there. They also gave some workshops and we had a beautiful weekend with all of them.

workshops on the island

As a result we made a clowning action in the city. We hope that the new found clowns continue. BABOOSHKAA!!

a rebelous clowns‘ action

The days before and after the island we stayed in an old ruin… i say ruin, it was never finnished. From the Soviet times, not far from Fathers House, where we could relax and organise stuff out of the scorching sun.

living & playing in Petrivske

A few days ago we said goodbye once again to the kids and people from Fathers House and continued riding our patient bikes again.

farewell performance in Petrivske

We now head south-east along the river towards the Krim (Crimea) whilst waiting for our next visas. We‘re not rushin‘ yet…

The group got bigger again. Ola from Kiev bought a bike and has now joined us spontaineously after she saw and danced with us at one of the night shows. Two more may join us in the coming weeks. We enjoy the weather and the swimming breaks in the rivers and lakes along the way – the mosquitoes eat us alive but we sing through the pain and will continue as always!

on the road

Calling all artists/performers/musicians:

(English below)

Мы- организация «2weels4changes” (На колёса- ради перемен!) где вы можете ознакомиться с нашей деятельностью.
Мы путешествуем по Европе на велосипедах, играем на музыкальных инструментах, организовываем воркшопы и тренинги по клоунскому мастерству и театральным техникам.

Нашим главным мероприятием в Киеве будет трёхдневный воркшоп по клоунскому искусству для взрослых. Он будет состоять из трёх частей, обязательных для всех желающий с успехом освоить программу:

- Начало в пятницу в 17:00, встреча участников около Макдоналдса на м. Минская. Первый забор участников, остальные добираются самостоятельно!
Программа до 20:00
- Суббота 10:00-17:00
- Воскресенье 10:00-15:00+ представление в городе с 16 до 19:00 (место проведения уточняйте у организаторов)

Приглашаются все желающие!
Мы предлагаем:
Уроки акробатики, Жонглирование, Пои, Театр, Танцы, Хождение по канату (Слеклайн), Постановка голоса, Скульптурные инсталляции из подручных материалов

И многое другое!

Приглашаем всех участников делиться своими талантами с окружающими!

Мы тоже хотели бы освоить новые умения. Прежде всего –музыку!

Место проведения:
Остров, ст. М. Минская, пешком до набережной, от полуострова за лодочной базой будет курсировать бесплатная лодка до острова. (См. карту)
Контакт лодка смс: 0637064045 (reservation).

Участие бесплатное! + стоимость соляры для моторной лодки, делиться поровну между всеми участниками. Пожертвования приветствуются.

привозится с собой в расчёте на себя и готовиться в общем котле

Также с собой иметь:
-пустые баклажки/канистры для воды
-необходимую для житья и готовки снарягу
-палатку, спальник, каремат
-кружку, ложку, миску, нож
-бутылку воды
При наличии:
-музыкальные инструменты.
-цирковой инвентарь
И обязательно: Хорошее настроение!

063 260 34 89 (говорит по-английски и по-немецки)

we invite you to join us for an

Arts Exchange Gathering in Kiev
June 4-6, 2010 (Friday-Sunday)

The people from ZixZixOne and 2wheels4change met after a street show and decided to move to an island in the Kiev river.
The main point will be a 3-day clown workshop for adults who want to use clowning to address social problems. Whoever wants to participate should plan to attend all 3 parts of the workshop:
- Friday 17.00 – 20.00
- Saturday 10.00 – 17.00
- Sunday 10.00 – 15.00, + action in the city 16.00 – 19.00

For everyone else, as well as in the evenings with all participants, we can also offer lessons in acrobatics, juggling, poi, slackline, aerial silk, theater, dance, voice, trash sculptures and other artistic things.

All participants are encouraged to share their own talents with us and each other. We want to learn new things, too — especially new music!

Location: Kiev, Ukraine — on an island in the river.
Metro: Minskaya or
Bus 559: Tsarskaya Ochota

Meeting points: from Minskaya to the island with a boot
- Friday, June 4: 17.00
** Send an SMS text message to 0637064045 or to 063 2603489 to reserve a time for a boot.
The boots can go at any time, when 3 people want to ride.

The gathering is free.
Petrol cost for the boat will be passed on to the particpants.
Donations for the organisational costs are gladly accepted.

Bring water and food stuffs (like potatoes, carrots, cucumbers, tomatos, cabbage, rice, kasha!, etc.) – enough for yourself, so we can all cook together and share food together.

- food and water
- equipment for eating and cooking over a fire
- tent, sleeping bag and mat
- toilet paper or toilet water bottle


we wish you a Bubamara-Birthday