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Road Junky Film Festival in Berlin shows 2wheels4change video

The 2wheels4change video that is on the website (put together by OffbeatUnity) has been shotlisted for the Road Junky Film Festival in Berlin, May 28-30.
All the films will be shown on Sunday, May 30, 20.00-22.30 Berlin time. The films will be broadcast live on Voting will be done online, as well as at the event, to decide who gets the first prize of 500 €, so go along or log on and vote for us!

Performance on Friday

After one week of workshops at Fathers House, we are proud to present a „work-in-progress“ performance of acrobatics, clowning and dancing that the kids have learned with our performers, accompanied by our musicians:

Date: Friday, 21 May 2010
Time: 18.00
Town: Petrivske
Place: Vosle Klyba (across the street from Fathers House)

Workshops in Kiev

We have been working with the kids from fathers house for one week now….
They are awesome and very eager to learn new things …. We have been offering Workshops in Clowning, Partner Dance, Juggling, Drumming, Arobatics, Bicycle Repair, Poi, Beatbox and Robotic / Modern Dance

Here are some Impressions from the Workshops:

we are 17 now — and in Kiev

We were 13 + 4 with the camera crew from Berlin, so 17 people working with the Father’s House Foundation this week in Kiev. During our stay in Uzgorod, first Jule and Jakob arrived, then Verbena and Anaelle joined our group, so the New Family House became more crowded every day…

We cycled from Uzhhorod through the national park and spent three days in Lviv . . .
Here is a short report of the trip throught the national park from Jule:

day 1: allez, on the bicycles!!!
Nice route. We saw a river and couldn‘t resist – splash! then we were invited for lunch continued to cycle along beautifully flowering allees and slept in the nationalpark. easy…

day 2: even though we had contacts to the head of the nationalpark we were woken up by the police in early morning. after long discussions some of us went to the police quarteer – and came back. uff! less easy… that day we found a private place where we slept. a nice one, too. with a river flowing some meters beside our tents.

day 3: starting really early in the rainy morning we rode quite fast – until this big mountain. fighting with our luggages, the rain and the road we finally got it. Having sweated a lot we where lucky to find a secure place – an old industrial ground. our singing in the evening was suddenly disturbed by … a lot of rain … „so everyone secure the tents and get in as fast as possible!“

day 4: once your on top you can go … downhill. we loved it! also it was nice to see all these little ukrainian villages, that only have one main road and houses all along, but nothing behind the first line of houses.
but as we came closer to L‘viv the roads got bigger, and the cars and trucks got more and more as well. We inhaled a lot of car-smoke… only 50 km left and an old not quite finished house to sleep in. all ok!

day 5: but this day which was supposed to be the last on the journey to lviv, Pi became ill. She and Wolf took the train. Already 2 others had taken it, so only 9 were left on bikes.
nevertheless we were in a good mood and cycled the last 50 km in a rush. L‘viv here we are!
immediatly some decided to do a street show… and the hole bunch did it.
but at last we all were there. 13 again!

In L‘viv we spent a lot of our time doing street shows and rehearsing our show with the new people at a center for autistic children and we got together quite a good show – we also tried out a night show wich has worked verry well in Uzgorod before ;)

We had to be in Kiev for the Fathers House Project fast so our only option was to take the train after changing train tickets back and forth with massive amounts of discussion and paperwork we finally got on a train only one day later than we planed…. we spent our time in the train practis

In Kiev we were warmly welcomed – we were even picked fom the train station by a crew of bikers which showed us the way… We soon found ourselves in a big gym with climbing wall and lots of kids eager to learn…
So we came up with a massive amounts of workshops like partner dance, drawing, clowning and so on…

During the weekend we fought our way into the city and did some performances there and got to know loads of interesting people. Sergej was the first musician who joined in and some minuites later there were 2 more violins, another tuba, a big drum as well as another accordeon playing with us….we played till it got light again and spent the night in sergejs attic.

Also the next day was filled with street performances and music until we fell into our sleeping bags.
The week was filled with workshops, a birthday, a group day, lots of good food, laughter, cheers and merrymaking.

Yesterday we had to say goodbye to Jule and Annaelle who had to leave toward new shores. We had a night performance with lots of fire and scarry make up. We made some money, chocolate, a case of beer and a couple invited all 16 of us in for baked and boiled potatoes and a comfy night on their carpet. We also met the organizers of several Ukrainian art festivals – we will put more information on the website as soon as we can.

We will be staying here for another 6 or 7 days giving workshops and performing in Kiev:
We have a Ukrainian Cellphone number if you want to join up: +380636818139

on the road to Lviv

we‘re saddling up after a good week in Uzhhorod — сросиба болшой New Family for hosting us and being able to work with so many kids and do so many shows
-- see you on the road, or in Lviv this weekend!