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On the road again…

16.04.2010 Finaly after – i think it was two weeks in Krakow – we managed to get on the road again…

Felix put a new recumbent bike together with the help of Mariusz from Velogic in Olawa two days before we left – It is doing great so far – only little problems with the gear shifting…

We started out with FOUR new people from Krakow… Manuel, a Spanish juggler currently studying in Krakow, Bruno a traveler from France, Anja (she brought a slackline) from Germany and Richard from the UK …
But we had to say goodbye to Stefano and Olaf. Manuel had to return to his studies after 2 days, which makes us 9 people now.

We left in pouring rain and made our way up the Tatra mountains, which were quite a challenge – but the landscape and especially the long downhills – the recumbent bike was doing about 70km/h – were definitely worth it!!!

We enjoyed the hospitality of Yan and Joanna in Grabie and drew crouds of people – especially kids – where ever we rested.

We also met a group of slowakian mountain bikers who accompanied us to the next town – Michalovce

We have been camping a lot and now were staying at a wonderful lake, preparing for the workshops in Uzhhorod – which we should reach on Friday, if there are problems at the border…

Concert in Kraków

Saturday, April 10
at Carandiu, ul. Celna 10, Kraków

11am – bike workshop

4pm – workshops not just for kids: juggling and acrobatics

5:30pm – a 2wheels4change concert
with 5 guest musicians on flute, tuba, snare, tom and accordion:
- „друзя – Friends“ from a Russian cartoon (mp3)
- „Worms“ acapelle (mp3)

- rehearsals on the riverfront -

Music in Wroclaw

looking back: March 18

„St. Patrick“ – with guest violinist Luciana, who we met just before the show.
Violin: Karin
Flute & Percussion: Thimo
Accordeon & Clarinet: tyle
Percussion & Horn & Violin: Felix
Tuba: Tobi

Meditation, Fever Dreams & German History

March 30 – April 3

Oława >> Opole >> Gliwice >> Auschwitz >> Kraków
245 km

A snow storm in April?
Broken spokes every day?
Where’s the next forest to camp in?
- These are a few of the questions that boggle us nearly every day.

We‘re getting better in Polish:
„Kurwa!“ (Why won‘t the chain stay on the tallbike?!)
„Kurwa drogi!“ (Who put so many hills on this road?)
„Gdzie squat?“ (Excuse me, how do we get to the nearest alternative music & cultural center . . . ?)

But mostly we speak English or Russian.

Many nice people took us for a tea or a meal or a whole night, among the them the Diamond Way Buddhists in Opole, the CNK13/krzyk squat in Gliwice, and several different families along the way.

Car drivers often honk and shout over the traffic that they saw us on Polish television.

The bizarre-dream-fever-flu has been grabbing each of us, one after the other. It held us up back in Wroclaw, so we split up this time in Gliwice — most of the group cycled to the holocaust museum in Auschwitz, while a tandem team drank tea and slept for two days before cycling direct to Kraków.

We all arived in Krakow – one after the other. Tyle and Felix were first – and we tried out some street music – which worked really well. So when the others arrived we kept on working on our performance and arrived at the restaurant with tons of change.
We also met a monk at a christian rock concert who rode the tandem and gave us sacred gifts for the orphans in Ukraine.

Now we‘re waiting for our passports from Berlin, new tandem wheels from XXL in Dresden, and three more people who will ride with us to the Ukraine. Next stop: