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Frame Problems

Finaly on the road after a week in Wroclaw … or so i thought, and then…


My frame broke just near the front cranks… after having problems repeatedly with the engine this wasn‘t a big surprise but it still came as quite a shock…the whole group was cycling ahead about 15km and so i was quite lost. However just 30min after the accident a group of recumbant bikers passed me and wanted to know about my tanden… so i told them what happend and it turned out that one of them, Mariusz was the designer and builder of velogic. He said right away that he‘ll help fixing the frame with his spawarka (welding machine).
And after an evening and a morning of work we were ready to go! Jenkuje!!!

Polish telephone & Free Tandem Spaces

We have from now on a free space on Felix‘ Tandem. There are also 2 free panniers (Radtaschen) and space for a sleeping bag. So just take the train / autostop / walk … out to us and join the caravan!

if you want to catch up with us, you can reach us on our Polish mobile:
+48 795 286 877
or communicate via SMS text messages with our German mobile:
+49 (0)160-99645686

into Springtime

March 17-20

Pommritz, Germany >> Boleslawice >> Wroclaw, Poland

> Map < Getting out of Germany lasted longer than we had planned, but now we're happily on the road in Poland. We asked at farms for places to camp and in many towns, we were given an empty field for the night to set up our tents. Sometimes we entertained our hosts with music in the town square or around our fire.

Not only our bikes (like the steering on the tandem) — even our instruments needed some repairs…

March 21-24

CRK, Wroclaw

The autonomous collective CRK is letting us rehearse in their concert hall. We‘re coming up with new moves for our music. The show is earning a bit of money at the central square.

We plan to cycle through Opole and Gliwice, arriving in Kraków around April 1.

snow storms

Mon. March 15

Pommritz >> Görlitz, ca. 40 km / 3-hour-ride

the kids and the great organic food were good reasons to stay at Lebensgut, but we wanted to get on the road again. even the snow storms didn‘t hold us back from reaching Görlitz in record time --

Lali and her son Tristan took us in for a night. All 14 of us. Vielen Dank!

Mon. March 16

Görlitz: street music

We rode the tallbike and double recliner into the Trassburg Passage and turned the dancing shoes of the lady working in the leather bag store, before being kicked out by the security. But we still got to play 5 songs…
More music on the streets in front of the Vietnam Wok on Hospital Str. — great tasting food, but as we paid with a handful of coins that we earned today, the honest sign above the cash register gave us a shock:
Oh well . . .

Grüner Graben, Görlitz >> Hospital Str., Görlitz
ca. 2 km / 2 hours

We wanted to cycle toward Boleslawiec this afternoon but we got a late start and then the chain on the tallbike protested and then another snow storm came. So we ended up at the Hospi30, a great squat that hosts concerts and does a community kitchen (Volksküche). Time to learm some new songs.

unterwegs . . . / on the road . . .

We finally packed our bikes, re-packed our bikes and re-re-packed them, leaving about a ton of stuff in the film crew’s car…
The hills in the Elbe Valley (Elbetal) were a challenge for the heavy bikes, but the landscape was beautiful — snow covered hilltops, rushing water, spring birds twittering.
We camped the first night by the river, but as it began to snow for two days, we slept in a barn one night and now we‘re at Lebensgut, an ecological community in Pommritz.
Along the way, we met an interesting miller who is building a water mill, and his neighbor who makes custom cranks out of titanium for bicycles.

> Map <

Wed. March 10

AZ Conny, Dresden >> Pirna
ca. 14 km / 2.5-hour ride

Thurs. March 11

Pirna >> Großdrebnitz
ca. 29 km / 6-hour ride

read tyle’s journal (in German)

Fri. March 12

Großdrebnitz >> Bautzen >> Lebensgut in Pommritz
ca. 38 km / 4.5-hour ride

Sat.-Sun. March 13-14

Lebensgut in Pommritz
- circus workshop for the children at the community

- our first concert (1.5 hours) at a birthday party
listen to an excerpt from Hava Nagila and Rasboiniki
- farming work, bike repairs, babysitting and music rehearsals