Wintertour 2009


December 21-26, 2009
350 km in 5 days
average speed: 70 km/day

* detailed map *

The first big test for our tandem . . . an easy ride, extremely comfortable with sheep furs on the seats! Our gear held up to the 4 days of camping in -5°C and one day of drying at a friend’s house. Sliding around and falling over on the icy cycling paths broke the steering before we left Berlin, but we fixed it right away and had no more problems. The spike tires got us out of many high snow drifts and stopped us from sliding away on the icy hills.

We made it to the Youth Environmental Conference (JUKSS) and gave a workshop for 30 young rebel clowns, taught stilt-walking-basics to 6 people, created street theater performances about deportating illegal immigrants, and played more music at night than we slept . . .
. . . and we took the train back to Berlin — the tandem even fits on an escalator!