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Hey fellows

We‘ve moved our website a while ago to www.2wheels4change.com – which is why there’s no updates here anymore.
Search through this site if you want to know all about our adventures travelling from berlin to mongolia and beyond…

Recent Projects will be posted on the new site.

Projects 2012

The Big Asia Tour 2010-2011 is nearly out of sight in the review mirror…
{here are the last updates — photos from Kazakhstan/Kyrgyzstan, re-uniting with orphans in Kiev, and performances at the Folk‘n'Fusion}

The Renewable Energy Tour in November was a terrific experience for the new group and for the other people protesting nuclear waste. Look here for new performance ideas and music recordings.

Projects 2012

> Cycling Theater – a cycling music theater group in Europe, starting March 2012 from Berlin
> Kaliningrad Clowns – workshops with Russian and German kids in Kaliningrad, July-August 2012
> Bike Workshop – a place in Berlin to create funky bikes and experimental instruments
> Open Juggling – weekly training space for juggling, circus equipment and to meet performance artists, Mondays 19:00, Shake am Ostbahnhof

While many of us are still traveling, some of the moNkey bAnd and the Circus of the Cycling Spoon have united in Germany for performances in Berlin this winter, as we meet new musicians on the streets every day . . .

Re-uniting with friends in Kiev, Ukraine

Leaving Kazakhstan by train from Uralsk through Russia, we arrived in Kiev one year since we completed the workshop with Otchiy Dim. Many of the orphaned kids have since been adopted, off to the USA or Bulgaria. We took a bus out to the summer camp to see if any of the kids still recognized us. Sure enough, Vlad came up and started singing Ochi Chornje, and other kids showed us how they have continued with juggling. We distributed our last juggling balls and clown noses and two kids immediately started playing.

Our old friend Alyone performed with us several times and is planning on joining us in 2012!

Kazakhstan – run for the border

Performances – sometimes competing against the nearby karaoke booth, Almaty:

Afer two weeks in the boarding school and playing to huge audiences at Arbat and Panfilov Park, the mountains around Almaty beckoned us. The jumpy stilt-walker went one way and we went south, to the snow-capped peaks.

Hiking in the mountains near Almaty:
Imagine a band going hiking — one has a 25kg backpack with the accordeon and food, one carries the cello with our sleeping mats wrapped around the top, and the other has a mess of bags strung over both shoulders. The day-trippers stared and laughed. Even the cows, but only because the single flat place on the hill was full of dried cow dung. Nevertheless, the bRoKen ZiRkuS moNkey bAnd rehearsed many songs and wrote some new tunes.

Hiking in Kyrgyzstan – a short trip to renew our Kazakh visas:

So much fresh mountain air gave us the distance to our citified lives that we needed to reach a decision:
Skip Aserbaijan, Georgia, Turkey — 3 more months of cycling, plus another 3 months in the south to bridge the winter . . . it would wear out our little group of 3 monkeys. Since Vietnam, we‘ve been saying that we need a larger group — for the music, for the daily life on the road, for the energy and inspiration many people can give each other.

Jurts in Kyrgyzstan are only used for festivities, not for living like in Mongolia:

The bus took us to the wrong border between Kazakhstan & Kyrgyzstan, so we hitch-hiked 300 km back to Almaty between sheep and watermelons:

2 days in the train from Almaty to Uralsk:

Folk‘n'Fusion Festival

Photos from the performances and workshop:

more photos from the performances…

the 2wheels4change Reunion Band

Date: Sat. 29. Oktober 2011
Time: 21.30
tyle from the moNkey bAnd is back from 18 months on bicycles in Europe and Asia and is meeting up with Karin, Tobi and Richard, who all traveled with 2wheels4change at different parts of the journey. These musical clowns are whipping up a mad variety of Irish folk, klezmer, and their own songs with a tuba, violin, clarinet, trumpet and washboard.


Date: Sat. 29. Oktober 2011
Time: 14.00 – 17.00
Using sounds to create movement in people, and using motion to influence music.
Info about all the workshops.

Folk‘n'Fusion Festival
Place: Trillke e.V., Steinbergstraße, Hildesheim, Deutschland
Cost: see festival prices